Dr. Bryan’s practice utilizes CareSense, a digital care navigation app that helps guide you through your entire joint replacement journey. This application enables you to interact with Dr. Bryan and his team, and delivers critical information to you when you need it.

Additionally, the CareSense mobile application provides reminders and educational content about your condition and procedure through e-mails, texts, alerts, and notifications.

A Message from Dr. Bryan about CareSense

CareSense Benefits Include:

Scheduling Reminders

You’ll receive reminders the day before your appointment so you can plan your schedule accordingly.

Procedure Preparation

We’ll send instructions and notification to keep you on track for completing all of the proper steps required for surgery.

Recovery Tracking

You’ll be prompted to take medications, conduct exercises, arrange transportation, etc. We can also notify loved ones to help with the care process.


We want you to know about your procedure from beginning to end. Custom videos and educational emails will help ensure you understand your joint replacement journey completely.


We’ll be checking in with you to ensure you are receiving the care you need.