Does The Type Or Brand Of Total Knee Replacement Make A Difference?

Does The Type Or Brand Of Total Knee Replacement Make A Difference?

Total joint replacements are offered by several large American orthopedic implant companies.  They are able to provide the myriad of implant “parts and pieces” but also provide the hospital with multiple instrument sets with which to perform the surgery and these include temporary implants placed at day surgery to obtain “the right fit.”  The orthopedic companies also supply representatives present in the operating room to facilitate the process of surgery and recycle the instrumentation sets.

I prefer the total knee replacements provided by Zimmer-Biomet and the Vanguard System has been successful for almost 20 years in, no doubt, millions of patients.  It is quite clear that countless studies published in our orthopedic peer-reviewed literature have shown that over the past two decades, there is no difference in outcomes when comparing the several orthopedic implant company products.  As we say, “Brand A is no better than brand B, which is no better than brand C.”

It is critical, however, to “demand-match” total knee implants with a patient’s weight, activity level, local anatomy, and age.  As with all major total knee replacement implant companies, Zimmer-Biomet provides these options.  I carefully weigh the benefits of the various total knee replacement components in each and every patient to assure best long-term results.

Long-term results are excellent with all major total knee replacement systems, given that they are properly inserted and largely due to the fact that almost 15 years ago, all orthopedic implant companies were able to toughen the polyethylene bearing and decrease its wear to the point where the orthopedic community expects 25 to 30 years, minimum, of excellent total knee replacement function—especially when the surgeon properly implants the components and has appropriately demand-matched the implant to the patient’s knee.

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