Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)

Athletes mentally approach their joint replacements very differently to the average person. They realize that they are in pain, are diagnosed immediately, proactively participate in conservative treatment where necessary and do not delay surgery.

Following surgery, athletes are keen to get back to their normal routine as quickly as possible. They are aggressive in their physical therapy and work hard to rebuild their damaged muscle, tissue and range of motion. If you too adopt an athlete’s thought process towards surgery, you will be able to recover much earlier.

Dr. Bryan helps his patient recover faster with his enhanced recovery program.
Dr. Bryan helps his patients recover faster with his enhanced recovery program.

The Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Society have developed a multi-disciplinary perioperative care approach intended to created a multimodal perioperative care pathway designed to realize early recovery for patients undergoing major surgery. It is an approach that I have adopted throughout my career as an orthopedic surgeon and I am pleased to be able to provide my patients with personalized treatment plans based on the principles specified by the ERAS Society.

How I can enhance your recovery:

  • I will perform your procedure using only the best evidence based practices
  • I will use the implant best suited to your needs
  • You will be provided with a personalized care plan
  • My team will be available to support you throughout your recovery

How you can help yourself:

  • Get mobile on the day of surgery
  • Commit to your personalized care plan
  • Adhere to your physical therapy plan
  • Keep active, join our Fit Bit Community

Using these techniques, we can reduce your recovery time by more than 30% and reduce post-operative complications by 50%.

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