Carl T. Anderson – Shoulder Replacement

After being informed over three years ago that I had severe rheumatoid arthritis and that both my shoulder joints were in pitiful condition as a result, I tried injections, pills, and therapy to relieve the suffering in my shoulders, all to no avail. My rheumatologist advised me that shoulder replacement was probably the only real option for relief I had left and I should possibly be looking for a surgeon.

I contacted the Orthopedic surgeon who had replaced my knees and was referred by him to Dr. William Bryan. That turned out to be the best referral I have ever received. I had for years heard horror stories about shoulder replacements. About how they were extremely painful and required long painful rehab periods. And also, that much of the time the surgery was only minimally successful. My first visit with Dr. Bryan painted a very different picture.

He informed me that many of his patients were already back to playing golf in 3 months and that recovery time should not be lengthy. Still a bit nervous, but encouraged, I scheduled replacement of my right shoulder on April 15, 2014. I checked into the Houston Orthopedic and Spine Hospital at 10 a.m. on April 15th and walked out at 10:18 a.m. on April 16th with a new shoulder and very little pain. My recovery was extremely rapid and after two weeks I was allowed to discard my sling and by 7 weeks I had regained almost total range of motion and strength in my right shoulder. I can’t wait until June 24 when Dr. Bryan will replace my painful left shoulder.

Carl T. Anderson