Total Knee Replacement

About 13 years ago I tripped and twisted my right leg, damaging the outside of the leg. I didn’t go to a doctor and the leg never healed. Over time it became more painful. ln 2003 I went to an ortheopedic surgeon who suggested a partial knee replacement. He said I would need another surgery later for a total knee replacement. I declined the surgery.

Mostly I had trouble walking without limping or pain. I did most everything I always did it was just very painful. Some friends said they were afraid I would fall down.

I hurt all the time. It didn’t heal itself. A nurse told me that if I didn’t correct the problem with my knee it would affect my hip and lower leg. It wasn’t too much longer that I did start having pain in additional areas.

I was talking with a friend at the local gym about my fear of an operation and possible side effects like infection or problems with the surgery and didn’t want to take risks. My friend said I could have something entirely different happen and sometimes you need to do things that would improve your health and life. I then talked with my son who lives in Houston and he began checking on doctors in the area that may be good. Dr. Bryan’s name came up as a sports doctor who took care of one of the Houston sports teams. He checked his reviews which were good, and my son told me I should get in touch with his office.

I live in Michigan and was not sure how to plan on an operation in Houston. I called Dr. Bryan’s office and was told what needed to be done before I could see the doctor. His staff worked with my local doctor’s office on blood work, etc. His office was very efficient. (I was not sure if this would all work out.) I had my first appointment with Dr. Bryan on December1 0, 2014. My impression of him was good. He indicated that he wanted the best product for the knee replacement and always wants to have any changes made to the device to make the new knee better. For some reason I was completely satisfied that he would help me.

I had a total knee replacement. I had surgery December 17, 2014 and was released two days later. Each day my leg seemed better. I used a walker for a short time (also when having therapy), and pain medicine. I tried to do all the therapy and only take only the required amount of pain medicine. I found that later I needed less and less medicine. I felt like I could stand straighter ( which I haven’t been able to do for some time), and I could walk with very little or no pain.

Now, every day when I wake up I feel good with no leg pain. I go to the gym almost every day and ride a stationary bike. Sometimes I race with another bike rider to see who can peddle past the other one.

I started using a stationary bike while in Houston- first trying to go a mile on the least resistance. It was really hard to keep doing this. After about three different times at the gym I would increase the time to two miles, then maybe three miles. When I arrived back home I gradually increased the resistanceto two, then three and now four and try for an eight mile trip to no where. Today I went nine miles. I thank you Dr. Bryan. My life has improved so much. As I told your staff several times “I love my new knee”. Also, bless your staff for being so nice and always answering any questions I may have.