Total Knee Replacement

Dr. William Bryan is by far the most knowledgeable and caring person I’ve ever met. I first heard about Dr. Bryan when a friend told me about the Methodist Hospital and their Joint Replacement capabilities. He knew I developed serious knee pain in my left knee from a previous Arthroscopic knee repair and was looking for help. The pain was so strong that it was difficult to walk more than 50 yards at a time. Stairs were the worst. I had to lead with my good knee to go up and down each step. It got to the point where my job was beginning to be in jeopardy. I work downtown and with my pain I was unable to walk from office building to office building.

When I met Dr. William Bryan he asked me about my knee’s present condition and the problems I was having with mobility and pain. He said he could remedy my problem and return me to a life of normal activity and walking pain free with a Total Knee Replacement. I was looking forward to return to my old activities like golf, swimming, and working on my old car.

My hospital stay was enriched by the most professional staff I’ve ever encountered. The nurses were very attentive to me and very nice and helpful to my wife who spent both nights in my room with me. They made sure she and I were informed, and comfortable. If we needed anything all we had to do was ask. They had a person it seemed like for anything that came up. The food service was like ordering at restaurant. The best hospital food you will find anywhere.

For my recovery the first 7 days were the hardest. I had to get used to using my knee again and trusting that it will hold up. Physical therapy is the key to getting the mobility and strength back. I got better with every visit. You have to make up your mind to go and stick to it. It was hard and wasn’t pain free, but I am very glad I did it.

My life is different now. I can walk anywhere I want to and even maintain my job by walking to visit clients all over downtown Houston in a timely matter. Stairs no longer present a problem at all. Everyday my knee gets stronger and since I continue to to do the exercises I was taught at physical therapy my knee is still increasing in strength and flexibility.

Michael Holten