Total Hip Replacement

For over a year, my primary physician misdiagnosed me. After a year and a half of pain medication and physical therapy I told my physical therapist that I was not improving, if anything I was getting much worse. I could not walk, sit, stand, or lay down. I was on high doses of pain medication just to be able to move. I was in severe pain. This for someone who had always been extremely active. That day, the physical therapist called the physician and demanded an X-ray. That evening the Physical Therapist called me and apologized profusely for putting me through so much pain over the previous 5 months. He also showed me the X-ray and said that I had to have surgery and I needed it immediately.

I called my daughter who works with orthopedic surgeons in Houston and told her what I had been told. She immediately said you have to go to Dr. William Bryan and to call and ask for Lanie. She knows so many surgeons in Texas and surrounding states and I trusted her judgment. I called Dr. Bryan’s office and spoke with Lanie, his PA and she helped me to make my appointment.

I was really amazed at how quickly I was able to get an appointment and VERY impressed with the total attention paid to me. I was going to be traveling 1200 miles to have this surgery done. When I went for my first appointment, I drove to Houston Methodist. There I was met by people that parked my car for me. I was then offered a wheelchair (I was barely able to walk and the people in parking knew I was in pain).

I made it to Dr. Bryan’s office and in came Dr. Bryan. He was so wonderful. He looked at the X-rays and came back in to see me. He asked me how I was even standing and told me that he was going to make me good as new and that he was going to fix everything. He actually hugged me. The warmth in that office, and I mean from every person, was extraordinary. I was then sent for my blood work and all I can say is that there was not one person that I came in contact with that was not incredibly kind, gentle, and helpful. You would expect someone to be having a bad day, but out of the 30 plus people I came in contact with none were curt or rude.

The day I went in for my surgery they allowed my daughter to be with me. I met my entire team, each one introduced themselves and told me what they would be doing. Each one asked if I had questions, did I need anything. They were so gentle and caring. Dr. Bryan came in to see me before the surgery and to assure me that all would be well. He was incredibly kind and gentle. When I woke up I had a nurse with me who was attentive and kind and stayed right beside me until another nurse came to take me to my room. That entire day was filled with such loving people. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life.

Lanie came in to see me and told me about the surgery, made sure I was okay, made sure that everyone was doing what needed to be done. She was like an Angel. Then Dr. Bryan came in and spent about 30 minutes with me. The woman in the bed next to me who had a different Dr. was blown away at how long my Dr. stayed. She wrote his name down and said he would be her surgeon if she ever had surgery again. I NEVER thought that I would have such a spectacular time having a hip replacement surgery. I have never felt that when I have called their office, before or after the surgery that I was “bothering them”.

It has now been about 11 weeks since my surgery. I have no pain. None. I sometimes get sore with physical therapy but I am stronger every day. If I ever have to have another orthopedic surgery it will be with Dr. Bryan and Lanie. I will send everyone I know to them. They are an excellent group of people. I owe them so much for giving my life back to me.

Suzette Hardman