Pilates-Integrated Physical Therapy

Pilates-Integrated Physical Therapy

Pilates-Integrated Physical Therapy Pose

Pilates-Integrated Physical Therapy

Pilates continues to receive attention in the field of rehabilitation – with good reason. Recent research supports Pilates as an appropriate intervention for common orthopedic injuries.

Pilates-integrated Physical Therapy is traditional Physical Therapy incorporating equipment. Pilates equipment helps physical therapists manipulate gravity and supply assistance to movement that might normally be too fatiguing to execute. It is also combined principles of breathing, core strengthening, alignment, integration, and spine articulation that involve body and mind.

Pilates can be modified to create positive movement experience for special populations that cannot be overheated or fatigued such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s. The ability t modify a functional activity- like sit-to-stand, reaching, rotating, and walking within the Pilates environment is key to a successful movement experience. The ability to grade difficulty using springs, levers, and gravity require the education of a Physical Therapist. This provides a continuum that can help patients reach their ultimate rehabilitation goal – the successful restoration of function.

Pilates training for Physical Therapists necessitates skill levels that far exceed the normal

memorization of a cookbook Pilates repertoire. It requires critical reasoning to identify objectives, match patient’s goals, design an intervention, and create modifications to facilitate a positive movement experience, as well as adjust the program daily to progress the patient towards function.

Clinically, Physical Therapists have noticed a range of successful outcomes with patients suffering a variety of ailments- from Parkinson’s Disease to chronic low back pain- with the help of Pilates!

Jennifer Klein is a physical therapist who specializes in helping those who have sustained disabilities, impairments or limitations. Her practice is located in the Houston, Heights and you can view her website here.

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