What Are The Best Postoperative Pain Management Strategies?

What Are The Best Postoperative Pain Management Strategies?

Postoperative pain control is adequate to allow for same-day discharge or a comfortable one-night hospital stay.  The mainstay still remains hydrocodone – known as Norco.  Supplement this with prescribed tramadol and Advil/Aleve-type anti-inflammatory medicines.

I also will write for a Medrol Dosepak prescription.  This card of pills is to be taken during the first week after surgery, as it dampens swelling and discomfort.

Plan on taking hydrocodone on almost a regular basis the first week.  Nausea is a common side effect, and we can write for proper nausea medication.  All opioids decrease intestinal mobility, whereupon constipation is universal with frequent hydrocodone.  You will be counseled to ingest fiber on a regular basis, take stool softeners, and have laxatives handy.

Swelling translates to pain and, therefore, elevating your leg 45 minutes to an hour twice a day will simultaneously decrease swelling and pain.

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