What Precautions Are Taken To Keep Me From Infection?

What Precautions Are Taken To Keep Me From Infection?

The Methodist CareSense Team will provide detailed instructions for preoperative bathing and cleanliness before arriving at the hospital.

All Methodist Hospital total knee replacement cases are carried out in the OPC Building at 6645 Main Street #1900 where all 14 operating rooms are for orthopedic surgery only.  The operating rooms have high-flow circulation and stringent cleaning procedures.

You will receive intravenous or intraosseous antibiotics prior to the time of surgery.

All the surgeons and their assistants wear “space suits” to decrease aerial bacterial contamination during surgery.

Our efficiencies mean total knee replacements can be performed in less than an hour – thereby decreasing infections.

The silver nitrate-impregnated postoperative bandage, along with the discontinuation of skin staples, has dramatically reduced postoperative infections.

Decreasing intense swelling during the first month after surgery will decrease our concern about infection.  Every total knee replacement patient experiences swelling of their knee, calf, and foot for several weeks after surgery.

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