Why Do I Need A Total Knee Replacement?

Why Do I Need A Total Knee Replacement?

Total knee replacement is performed when severe knee arthritis is no longer controlled with conservative measures—

  • Weight loss.
  • Periodic cortisone knee injections.
  • Proper shoewear.
  • Activity modification.

Every person has his/her glass ceiling for proceeding with total knee replacement—

  • Inability to perform job responsibilities.
  • Intolerable rest pain.
  • Severe restriction in walking and climbing stairs activities.

There should be no “urgency” for a total knee replacement, and most patients have had conservative care for several years before knee deterioration is simply not reduced with the above-mentioned measures.

Avoid advice like—

  • “Your MRI shows your knee to be much worse than the x-rays; you should act immediately.”
  • “You are tearing up your other joints, so come to surgery as soon as possible.”

It is true; we are a linkage system; but secondary damage to the spine, hips, or opposite knee does not occur rapidly.  In fact, these body parts are often wearing out simultaneously!

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