Michael Holten – Total Knee Replacement

Dr. William Bryan is by far the most knowledgeable and caring person I’ve ever met. I first heard about Dr. Bryan when a friend told me about the Methodist Hospital and their Total Joint Replacement capabilities. He knew I developed serious knee pain in my left knee from a previous Arthroscopic knee repair and was looking for help. The pain was so strong that it was difficult to walk more than 50 yards at a time. …

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Saym Levy – Total Knee Replacement

saymLevyTestimonialOverviewPageI had my left knee replaced 10 years ago and the experience with this knee replacement is 100% different. Every day I am amazed at my level of progress. There has been far less pain than with my previous knee which has made it possible to progress quickly. At this rate, my recovery will take a third of the time that it took to recover from my last procedure. …

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Carl T. Anderson – Shoulder Replacement

After being informed over three years ago that I had severe rheumatoid arthritis and that both my shoulder joints were in pitiful condition as a result, I tried injections, pills, and therapy to relieve the suffering in my shoulders, all to no avail. My rheumatologist advised me that shoulder replacement was probably the only real option for relief I had left and I should possibly be looking for a surgeon. 

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Suzette Hardman – Total Hip Replacement

For over a year, my primary physician misdiagnosed me. After a year and a half of pain medication and physical therapy I told my physical therapist that I was not improving, if anything I was getting much worse. I could not walk, sit, stand, or lay down. I was on high doses of pain medication just to be able to move. I was in severe pain. This for someone who had always been extremely active. That day, the physical therapist called the physician and demanded an X-ray. That evening the Physical Therapist called me and apologized profusely for putting me through so much pain over the previous 5 months. He also showed me the X-ray and said that I had to have surgery and I needed it immediately. 

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Carol Quake – Total Knee Replacement

About 13 years ago I tripped and twisted my right leg, damaging the outside of the leg. I didn’t go to a doctor and the leg never healed. Over time it became more painful. ln 2003 I went to an ortheopedic surgeon who suggested a partial knee replacement. He said I would need another surgery later for a total knee replacement. I declined the surgery. 

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Sue Walmsley – Total Knee Replacement

forOverviewPageMy knee problems began when I was young, around 13 and a “jock”, playing field hockey, tennis, netball as well as hiking and rock climbing.   I endured bilateral MUA’s and “open” knee surgery when I was 16 long before arthroscopy and laser were available and the diagnosis confirmed bilateral cartilage damage with discoid meniscus and meniscal cysts. …

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Linda Zeller – Total Knee Replacement

forOverviewPageI wanted to let Dr. Bryan and Lanie know that I was able to hike to the top of Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge, OR in late July, which is a +/- 650 ft. elevation change over a two mile round trip! This was three months after my total knee replacement, and I experienced NO pain!


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Raymond Chenault – Total Knee Replacement

forOverviewPageIf you are considering a knee replacement, Dr. Bryan is the best possible choice. Although I am now an attorney, I led a pretty active life chasing crooks as a police officer, hiking in national parks, running track, and playing soccer and softball. I had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee in 2002 and again in 2014 

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