How a Knee Replacement Affects Your Life

How a Knee Replacement Affects Your Life

People often ask me how a total knee replacement will affect their lives and their daily activities. Clearly, a total knee replacement is a big event to go through and your surgeon has chosen you for a total knee replacement only because of the pain and difficulty with your function.

Total knee replacement involves hard work, but that hard work will pay off. All those exercises and all that effort will reward you by letting you return to many of the activities that you love to do, but couldn’t due to pain or discomfort before surgery. It is important to continue exercise your knee and to do core strengthening exercises for the rest of your life.

Several years ago, we did an important study at physical therapy school. We brought back patients who had total knee replacement 4 years before the study commenced. It was quite apparent that those patients who continued to do their exercises and maintain a healthy lifestyle with weight reduction and exercise programs were extremely happy with the results of their total knee replacement.

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